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Muito bom, mas… Very good but has...

Muito bom mas tem um bug ao arrastar e soltar uma playlist do iTunes para a janela do app. Não possui suporte à tela retina do novo MacbookPro. Very good but has a bug when dragging and dropping an iTunes playlist to the window of the app. Not supported retina display of the new MacBook Pro.

Works perfectly

I use this to convert itunes bought music into mp3 to use on my second mp3 non apple player ! NOT MULTITHREADED but it works pretty fast on my sandy bridge mac mini.

Good value and it worked for me!

Like the name and description suggested, this app is able to convert from a large variety of audio formats but output to MP3 only. I was able to convert a dozen songs in FLAC format to MP3 format. They were converted to variable bit-rate mp3 format, although there is also an option to convert to constant bit-rate mp3 (320kbps maximum). There is no problem with the mp3 songs I converted and I was able to import all the converted mp3 songs to iTunes. ONE REALLY IMPORTANT THING TO NOTE, there was a moment that I misunderstood that this app doesn’t actually convert and output any audio file because I wasn’t able to find any button or option on the app’s window to go to the folder where the converted files are. I did a search for the audio and found out that the converted mp3s were actually in this directory: <username>MusicMP3-Converter. If you still can’t find the converted file then searching for it with the song’s name would help. This app would benefit from a button to go to the output folder, but other than that, it worked great for me!

Not compatible with “OS X El Capitan”

Great app I used it so much in the past but as of the “OS X El Capitan” update.. It no longer works, unable to even install it! =(

Needs an Update!!! please!!

It is not working good with the new OS Sierra… please, fix i!!!

Great lightweight app I’ve been using for years - but needs update.

Unfortunately, it stopped working when I updated to OSX 10.12.

Works like a charm!

SImple and easy to use. Tip: If youre not sure where your new MP3 files are ending up after you convert them, click on Preferences, then check the box for "open the output folder when finished". After youre done converting your files, a folder will open up with all your new MP3 files in there.


I dont know what they were thinking. Doesent work at all. MOVE ON!!!!

Works Great

Does exactly what I need it to do. Be certain to check the box to open the folder when complete. Then there will be no confusion finding your files.


The app is brilliant…just dosent tell you where it saves the converted file , to find out go to the preferences and it will tell you where the output folder(converted files) is


If you enjoy dealing with people or things that simply do not understand how to do whatever task they are supposedly trained to perform and just stare blankly back at your face then this is the converter for you. If I had to describe this app as a scenario it would be a garbage truck being struck by lightning causing a fire that was put out with more garbage.

Did what I wanted in under 2 mins….

WVA to mp3 on a mac - this was the best and cheapest I could find. Thanks


converted files and it only will convert mp4 into 0-4 second clips of the original. not the complete version.

Can be better

Not so great, dont like the design. Too simple

Should have included basic features

My biggest complaint/expectation was that the application would take a folder as the basis for a starting point and convert all files below that point (i.e.: select an artist or album in your current library). This functionality is not present and I get tired of navigating the directory structure of my library to add all of the files. Wish I had seen a review that said this before I spent the money...

Be super Careful…

It will convert .m4a as advertised. I stupidly bought it b/c I wanted to convert the old iTunes protected .m4p to .mp3. IT WILL NOT CONVERT .M4P!!! Works great otherwise, just read carefully what it supports.

This app works. Of course its bad at instructions

I am giving this app 4 starts because it gave no instructions on what it will convert the music into. Well according to their summary on the app page. It takes all sorts of formats and converts only in MP3. The other thing it does not mention is that when it finishes converting , it stores the converted MP3 file in your Music folder in a folder names MP3-Converter. You can actually change that output path if you go under MP3 Converter/Preferences…(through the app). Basically it works very well, converts well, just does not give instructions.

Dont believe the stars

I have no clue why this app has 23 1-star ratings. This app is simple, fairly quick, and does EXACTLY what it says.

It works!

I was frustrated after struggling to convert my iTunes music to mp3 (for use in the Audi MMI). I tried some apps and they were useless and a waste of time and money! This app worked 100% without any fuss or errors or stopping. Buy it!

Worked great for me.

Easy to use app. I did read the review about paying attention to where it thinks it is saving the files, which helped me find them. But I used it to convert some old .wma files to .mp3 so I could upload them to iTunes on my Mac. Worked like a breeze. Whole project completed in about 5 minutes.

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