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(Mac App Store) Music Converter Pro

Présentation du logiciel Music Converter Pro qui va vous permettre de convertir un maximum de Music en MP3 pour changer le format vers le M4R qui est le ...

avi to mp4 converter mac app store

Convert Nearly Any Audio & Video File for Free (Mac)

How to convert audio & video files free on Mac Smart Converter: Subscribe! Hey everyone what's ...

Smart Converter (Mac App Store)

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Mac OSX 10.8 - Mountain Lion - Using Dictation (Speech to Text App)

A video demonstration of Dictation, one of the new apps included with Mac OSX10.8 Mountain Lion.

Transfer iTunes playlists to SanDisk Sansa Clip MP3 Player (Mac)

Import playlists and albums from iTunes to SanDisk Sansa Clip+ MP3 Player with Export for iTunes mac app. ...

Mac App Review: Smart Converter

Smart Converter is a an app for the Mac that quickly lets you convert video and music files for free.

Some more Mac Freeware (2009, so slightly outdated)

How to download songs from Youtube (MAC only)

No strange websites that might have viruses ! You only need safari and the app store (the app Smart Converter) its free.

mac os x mkv to mp4

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